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 Solitude - poem

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PostSubject: Solitude - poem   Fri Feb 25, 2011 3:36 am

I know the beds are rumpled still and dishes fill the sink,
but for this moment they’ll remain...
for now I must just think.

This quiet time of solitude, I need it now and then,
or else, as busy days fly by,
the true will end.

Why miss the lovely butterfly, as easily it floats, or not see
Mother Cat groom fuzzy, tangled kitten coats?

And look, the lizard suns himself upon the warm rock wall.
Why should the dirty laundry keep my eyes from missing all?

The puffy clouds drift with such ease across the azure sky.
Oh, what a shame for them to pass and I not to have spied.

The caterpillar lumbers on across the verdant grass,
Perhaps no other soul on earth has ever watched him pass.

Wait, listen, hear that Mocking Bird so happy, filled with glee!
A perfect ending to the peace which now I feel in me.

‘Twas only for a moment that I took the time to see
a very tiny part of what our days can really be.

Take my advice, oh my dear friend, as through this life you tread;
one small moment of solitude is truly daily bread!

Solitude written by J. A. Heitmueller.

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Solitude - poem
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