Are you looking for a place to unwind whilst taking the oppertunity to make new friends?, then this is the Forum for you. Join us whilst we discuss and debate a wide range of topics, theres something for everyone so jump right in.
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 About Slimming Buddies

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PostSubject: About Slimming Buddies   Fri Jan 21, 2011 2:40 am

What is a slimming buddy ?

A slimming buddy is someone who is prepared to share your slimming journey with you.
Someone who will support you on both good and bad days.
They will Help make suggestions that may help you on your journey
Share ideas with you
And genuinely be there for you all the way.

Now Remember...

Being a buddy means that the support works both ways, it is not one sided so if you agree to be someones buddy be prepared to work at it and be supportive back.

If you think this system is for you, then start a new topic stating "I Need A Buddy"

Please be patient and hopefully someone will answer your thread.

Bare in mind it may help if you both use the same method of weightloss so dont be shy to ask questions before agreeing to take this on,
thats not to say it wouldnt work if you differ in your methods, just know what you will be dealing with before accepting.

Remember our site is still very new and a lot of us our just learning about the different methods as we go along, so dont expect perfection or the best advice , but enjoy the experience of learning and sharing your journey together.

All i ask is that if you do pair up with a buddy that you create a diary of your journey
Thankyou x

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About Slimming Buddies
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