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 Natural Skin Care Products - Tips to Identifying Them

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PostSubject: Natural Skin Care Products - Tips to Identifying Them   Tue Jan 04, 2011 3:36 pm

With the massive "natural" skin care products we have in the market today, how can we truly identify which ones are legit or fake? Fortunately, this article gives you tips on how to identify them. Hope this is helpful.

When a product is deemed natural, it means that ingredients from the product were acquired from earth, animals or plants. Concrete examples include raw materials such as mica, important oils squeezed out from plants, sea salt, seaweeds, and Emu oil from Emu bird’s fats.

Know your natural skin care products before acquiring one. Be informed with the following tips:
1. Check the ingredients – some "natural" products contain a lesser amount of 1% of the natural ingredients they state in their labels. Even so, the companies still label them as "natural". Usually, the dominant ingredient is listed first while ingredient with the smallest amount is listed last. For instance, if aloe vera is at the bottom of the list in the aloe vera capsule you are buying, then most likely you are purchasing an aloe vera capsule with a lot of artificial ingredients with barely aloe vera in it.

2. Test before using – Always do skin test before applying the product all over your body. Usually, products with ingredients such as formaldehyde, FD and C color, fragrances, and alcohol can irritate sensitive skin. Mineral oil in these skin care products also dries out the skin. However, despite the itching and irritations in some women, many of them either continue using the product or jump to another "natural" cosmetic hoping that the itching or condition be alleviated.

3. Look for proofs - Is the product authentic or really natural? Are there researches or claims proving the product’s authenticity? Don’t be afraid to ask questions or look for proofs of its legitimacy. Ask for scientific validations. Do not be easily deceived by the false propagandas seen or heard everywhere. Sadly, USFDA or the U.S Food and Drug Administration does not standardize the use of the term "natural" in skin care products.

If truth be told, the makers of the cosmetics hold the responsibility of their products since USFDA does not check them before they are released for public use. The makers are free to use or add any ingredient (except for the banned ingredients and color additives) on condition that the products are correctly labeled. Apart from banning some ingredients, the USFDA has no say when it comes to classifying whether or not the products are natural or if the products live true to their standard as "natural". More of this note can be found at the Food and Drug Administration webpage.

In conclusion, one should always be vigilant in their purchases. Most likely, the explosion of the so-called natural skin care products in the market poses a potential threat to you if not chosen carefully. Know your products. Always check the ingredients. Don’t be hasty and read the ingredients in them. Take note on how these ingredients are listed as this is the order of their importance. Always do a skin test before buying your product. Check everything from the ingredients to smell as this will greatly affect you. Best of all, do not be afraid to question people when looking for proofs. After all, it is you who will suffer in case things turn ugly.


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Natural Skin Care Products - Tips to Identifying Them
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