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 Home Remedies for Dark Circles

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PostSubject: Home Remedies for Dark Circles   Tue Dec 21, 2010 9:42 pm

Easy and quick home remedies to remove dark circles under eyes. Tips to prevent dark circles.

No matter how healthy and flawless your skin is, having dark eye circles will destroy the beauty on your counter. These eliminate your freshness and give a dull and diseased look. There could be a number of reasons for these dark circles under eyes. These could be due to improper health care, lack of proper sleep, any debilitating illness or genetic disposition. dark circles may result from conditions that cause skin capillaries to weaken, such as sun damage, pregnancy or some medications like birth control pills. In the market, there are a variety of over the counter products like gels, eye roll ons and cream for dark circles that claim to remove dark circles within days. However, these are expensive and may contain harmfull chemicals, in addition even some very luxurious products are known to relieve the condition temporarily. A better option is to try few simple home remedies and save your money from dark circle surgery or cosmetics products.

Potato or Cucumber Slices;

cucumber remedy for dark circles
Cucmber slices are a popular remedy for dark circles under eyes.
Cut thin slices of potato or cucumber. Now lie down and put these slices on your eyes for fifteen minutes. Regular use will relief any discomfort of eyes and helps to remove dark circles within few days.

Used Tea Bags
Yes! These used teabags that are supposed to be thrown directly to the waste bin, could really help you. Put them in cold water, till they are really cold. Now lie down and place on your eyes for fifteen minutes. Again regular use is required to eliminate dark circles completely.

Fenugreek seeds
Fenugreek is a well known remedy for under eye circles as well as other skin conditions like acne. A very popular remedy is to use a fenugreek paste in cold milk. Both leaves as well as seeds can be used for this purpose. An easy option is to take fenugreek powder, however if dry powder is not available you can soak seeds over night and grind them with milk to make a paste. Apply this paste at bed time time and let it stay over night. Rinse with cold water in the morning. Continue this for a month or more to get required results. Once your dark circles are cleared keep using this mask at least once or twice a week to prevent recurrence.

Rose Water
rose water can be used alone or with witch hazel to cure dark circles
Apply rose water twice a day on dark circles under your eyes.
Soak two cotton balls in rose water, now slightly compress to take away any extra water and put these balls on your eyes. Again wait for fifteen minutes and repeat this daily to get good results.

Witch Hazel and Rose Water
Mix one part rose water with one part witch hazel solution and soak two cotton balls in this mixture. Again put these balls for ten to fifteen minutes on closed eyes. This will relief your eyes and eliminate dark circles under your eyes.

You can use this simple mask twice a week for dark circles, all you need is,

* Finally chopped fresh potatoes 2 table spoons
* Honey half table spoon

Cool potatoes in ice chilled water for five minutes. Now mix honey and mask this mixture on your eyes in laying position. Relax your body and wait for twenty minutes. Remove this with ice water and repeat twice a week.


* Proper sleep is very important. Take good sleep for six to eight hours daily.
* Good diet is reflected by your skin. Take well balanced diet rich in rich in iron and Vitamin A, like carrots, .
* Exercise increases blood supply to the skin and so does to the eyes and skin around the eyes. Consequently you will see a difference in the intensity of dark circles under your eyes.
* Cold water is very good for your eyes, wash them daily in the morning with cold water.
* Protect your eyes from direct sunlight and smoke. Use sun glasses whenever sun exposure is expected.
* By the time your dark circles are under treatment, use a good dark circle concealer to hide them.


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Home Remedies for Dark Circles
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