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 Ageing Skin Or Wrinkles

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PostSubject: Ageing Skin Or Wrinkles   Tue Dec 21, 2010 9:28 pm

Ageing is a process which occurs through out the body but signs of aging are reflected by our skin first. Skin ages all over the body but aging signs start mostly on the sun exposed areas, that is face, neck, arms and back of hands. Through out the history man has been trying different techniques to ward off the signs of ageing. Recently, medical science has provided us certain scientific but still controversial approaches to minimize the effects of aging. Probably the history of anti aging remedies is as old as that of man kind and it is the result of extensive efforts of our ancestors that we can find a number of effective natural anti aging skin treatments that not only prevent wrinkles formation but also help to cure any existing fine lines, sometimes making a remarkable difference.

Anti Aging Remedies

We have a good collection of time tested and easily approachable remedies to combat the effect of time on our skin particularly face. Most commonly used remedies include;

* Castor oil
* Virgin Coconut Oil
* Vitamin E Oil
* Baking Soda
* Sesame Oil and others.

Here are few anti aging remedies that have been popular for hundreds of years and in almost all parts of the world. Their regular use not only prevents wrinkles but also helps to treat any existing wrinkles and fine lines and gives you a youthful skin for a longer period.

Castor Oil
Among the all anti aging remedies, castor oil is probably the most popular one. It has been used for thousands of years for massage purposes. This is known to work by drawing blood circulation and increasing the biological energy to the area where it is applied. Additionally castor oil also draws away the lodged toxins out of the massaged skin. A daily gentle massage of facial skin with castor oil, improves circulation and removes impurities, thereby maintains the tone of the skin and prevent wrinkles formation.

Coconut Oil
The key point in the treatment for wrinkles is to keep the skin soft and moist. Dry skin is more prone to premature wrinkling. Recently it has been discovered that Virgin Coconut oil has a molecular structure that helps in its easy absorption into the skin. Therefore, VCO when massaged to the skin makes it soft and supple as well as helps in rejuvenation. Regular use of coconut oil for face massage before going to bed prevents the wrinkle formations and also keeps the skin glowing and fresh. If you have an extra dry skin you can also drink virgin coconut oil to maintain the skin moisture.

Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera a miraculous plant used as a natural treatment for a number of ailments all over the world. For wrinkle treatment, apply aloe gel to the whole face at least two times a week. You can also use the fresh lump of the plant, just cut the leaf, scoop the lump and apply to the wrinkle prone areas. This also cures any acne or age spots and gives a glowing youthfull skin.

Baking Soda
Exfoliation is a very important step towards the prevention of wrinkles. It helps to remove any dead cells from facial skin thus promotes radiant, glowing skin and maximizes moisturizing effectiveness. Using a handful of baking soda with some warm water as a natural and possibly cheapest facial scrub prevents dryness and removes dead cells. Long term use keeps skin youthful and free from wrinkles. You can also use it as full body scrub.

Sesame Oil
Another home remedy for wrinkles is sesame oil. This is an effective antioxidant, rich in vitamins and minerals and helps to restore the elasticity of skin. Its molecular structure helps its penetration deep into the skin, so that it can nourish and detoxify our skin at a deeper level. For the prevention and cure of wrinkles sesame oil can be used either alone as night facial massage but preferably it can be mixed with olive oil or sweet almond oil to enhance its anti aging effects. .

Vitamin E
Vitamin E is a well known home remedy for wrinkles Vitamin E is well known all over the world due to its role in anti aging skincare.. As an easy home remedy for wrinkles, you can simply prick a Vitamin E capsule and empty its contents on your face. Just spread and gently massage. Repeat once a week. This promotes skin rejuvenation and hence not only prevents premature wrinkles but also cures age induced wrinkling.

Sea Buckthorn Oil
This is relatively an expansive oil that has been used from ancient Greek times for the treatments of skin diseases and digestive disorders. Nowadays it is getting popular due to its role in combating wrinkles.
Clinical trials and recent studies have shown that Sea Buckthorn oil when applied externally is effective in the healing of skin damage from radiation or the sun, promote tissue regeneration, and reduce age-induced skin wrinkles and premature skin aging due to malnourishment. Antioxidants present in Sea Buckthorn effectively fight against wrinkles, dryness, and other symptoms of aging or of neglected skin.When applied on the skin, the oil is properly absorbed and quickly assimilated into the skin. anti aging skincare with herbs
If you can get pure oil at home, a regular facial massage would be the best anti aging remedy to prevent and cure wrinkles.


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Ageing Skin Or Wrinkles
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