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 Sorry been MIA for sooooooooooo long.

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PostSubject: Sorry been MIA for sooooooooooo long.   Thu May 16, 2013 8:44 pm

Sadly on 1st Oct 2012 my world fell apart when my husband came home to tell me he no longer loved me the following day he packed me and the kids (and the dog) up got us in the car and drove us 250 miles to my mums house.

He is now dating someone who I thougt was my best friend but right now feel she has betrayed me as she knows I still love him a lot an just want my family back together.
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Admin Wendy

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PostSubject: Re: Sorry been MIA for sooooooooooo long.   Thu May 16, 2013 11:00 pm

Omg hun,
I can only imagine what you must be feeling right now upset

Icant find words to tell you how sorry i am to hear this, but i can wish you and the kids be strong for each other and take care of each other and always remember, KARMA'S A BITCH Wink
Bless you all xxx

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PostSubject: Re: Sorry been MIA for sooooooooooo long.   Fri May 17, 2013 10:04 am

I'm so sorry to read that Tiggyboom. :( I just hope you and your children are doing ok. New starts are hard, but you usually end up in a better place. :)
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PostSubject: Re: Sorry been MIA for sooooooooooo long.   

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Sorry been MIA for sooooooooooo long.
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