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 Everything you need to know about body and eyebrow waxing.

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PostSubject: Everything you need to know about body and eyebrow waxing.   Fri Dec 17, 2010 1:47 am

Waxing is one of the most popular methods of hair removal and has been since ancient times. Although the products used in the hair removal process have changed and evolved over the centuries, the basic principle has remained the same. In recent times, waxing has become so popular that many women (and even some men) choose to perform this service at home. While this approach is often more economical, it can result in severe skin irritation and discomfort if done improperly. Here is a handy guide of waxing do's and dont's that will help you get the most from your waxing experience.

DO make sure to cleanse the area thoroughly prior to waxing. A build-up of oil, dirt, or makeup on the skin will decrease the wax's ability to adhere to the unwanted hair. In most cases, simply cleaning the area with a soap and water mixture and then wiping with an astringent toner or witch hazel will prepare the skin for waxing.

DO use the right type of wax for the job. When waxing highly sensitive areas, make sure to use a wax that has been specially formulated for those areas.

DO apply the wax in the direction of the hair's growth, and remove the wax in the opposite direction. This will allow you to remove the maximum amount of hair with the least amount of irritation.

DO stretch the skin while pulling off the wax. Stretching the skin between your fingers will greatly reduce the sensation of pain.

DO apply pressure to the area immediately after removing the wax. Pressing the skin firmly with your fingers will eliminate the sensation of pain.

DON'T use too much wax. The optimal amount of wax is enough to just cover the skin in a light film.

DON'T let the wax cool too much while on the skin, or it will be harder to remove. Apply the wax, cover with a waxing strip, smooth the area in the direction of the hair's growth while counting to three, and then remove.

DON'T wax at all if you are on certain acne or skin medications, as this may result in serious skin irritation and possible bleeding. Check with your doctor or dermatologist before waxing if you are on any prescription skin medications.

It is not difficult to master the art of waxing, and with a little practice you will be able to perform this service at home, allowing you to save money and avoid having to go to the spa or salon.


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Everything you need to know about body and eyebrow waxing.
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