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 What keeps me motivated

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PostSubject: What keeps me motivated   Mon Dec 13, 2010 1:47 am

Once i get started i am normally driven by a desperate need to prove to myself that i can make a difference if i push myself and then find some kind of routine that is both comfertable and fits in with my day.

When my body first starts to hurt, i know that ive moved muscles i havent used in a while, but it doesnt take long before i start to feel more awake, more invogorated and just so much better in myself.

I love to eat healthy foods, it shows in my skin, hair and my inards, everything just seems to function so much better and i feel so rejuvinated instead of being tierd and sluggish.

My family are very supportive when im in the zone and are happy to eat the meals i do, so thats a big help, nothing lost and everything gained Wink

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What keeps me motivated
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