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 my health at the moment

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Admin Wendy

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PostSubject: my health at the moment   Sat Dec 11, 2010 5:35 am

Is definately not at its best.

After loosing my son last january, i gained weight by comfort eating, i shied away from most people and shut myself off even online for a time.
Life passed me by in a big bubble, a bubble i created to protect myself, after our lives took a downward spiral, both mentally, physically and financially.

After around 6 months of living this way i decided it was time to start living , although despite everything i never left the house without my hair and face done even in the early days.

I tried going back to work in september, the first time in 23 years as i cared for my disabled son at home for 20 of them, it was the biggest boost, i felt like a somebody for the first time in a long time.
I had a reason to have routine in my life, i walked back and forward to work by myself at first, it the first time id left the house alone in around 6 or 7 years.

My achievements although outstanding were unfortunately very short lived.
After 3 weeks of being at work, the bottom of my foot collapsed, due to both the heavy steel toe capped boots and the fact i wasnt used to being on my feet so long in any given time.

I sufferd the pain for a week at work then had two weeks on the sick , however this problem did not ease, the pain was such that it was affecting my legs and hips and i couldnt sleep for the pain.
I did go back to work, but only managed another 3 weeks after that, between my foot and my anxieties of the aproaching time of my sons anniversary, i just crumbled.

At this moment i am on the sick, doing very lil with myself other than creating this website, oh i do the usual cleaning and have finished my xmas shopping, but because of serious snows and ice that weve had for the past few weeks, ive only left the house twice, in a taxi.

I know im letting myself go and dont have the energy to do much about it right now, my priorities are to my family and getting us through this difficult time.
But hopefully by febuary il have moved through this nothingness and come out the other side.

I do have visions of pushing myself and getting back into some kind of healthy routine, so im hopeing we can share my up hill battle when im ready Wink

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my health at the moment
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